Rain Screen Design

Rain Screen Design is a twofold approach used to control rain penetration into interior walls. The first line of defense minimizes rain passage by blocking leaks. The second defense intercepts all water allowing it to dissipate to the exterior

Rain screen design is a simple, effective moisture management approach. VaproShield Membranes, Rain Screen Design Components and 3D Window Flashing Elements provide an affordable and innovative solution to build a breathable building envelope.


  Tyson Discovery Center - Springdale AR
Rain Screen Design
  Inskip BMW - Warwick, RI
Air Barrier
  Vineyard Lane Condos - Bainbridge Island, WA
Open Joint Rain Screen Design
  Lawrence High School - Lawrence, MA
Conventional Construction

Rain Screen Design Types

Drained Back Vented (DBV)
The core functional idea of ventilated facades is to work with nature rather than try to resist its influences. The careful design of ventilated cavities uses the pressure effects of the wind to dissipate energy of driven rainwater and prevent it from entering the building. VaproShield membranes work extremely well behind these common rain screen claddings.

Pressure-Equalized (PER)
Pressure-Equalized (PER) systems employ drainable compartmentalization to limit water penetration during periods of pressure disequilibrium and to facilitate rapid pressure equalization. PER walls are far more design intensive and as such, they are also very sensitive to design variations and deviations from the PER design principles.

Air Barrier Design
VaproShield offers multiple solutions for creating a continuous air barrier system.

Open Joint Rain Screen Design
REVEALSHIELD / REVEALSHIELD SA SELF-ADHERED black and flashing components are an excellent solution for the new unique wall design called Open Joint Rain Screen. Open joint specifications require vapor permeable membranes, air resistance and durability to resist the damaging effects of moisture and ultra-violet exposure at the open joints.

Conventional and Retrofit Construction
VaproShield supports all types of building construction. The key to good building envelope design is reducing the risk of moisture related problems such as mold, mildew, rot and sick building syndrome. Unlike low permeable building wraps, VaproShield membranes allow moisture vapor to escape from a variety of points, joints and building materials.