Rain Screen Design Components

Create an easy to install and effective rain screen system with Rain Screen Design Components: VaproBatten and VaproVent Strips.

Rain Screen Design Components Overview Printer Friendly Version (PDF, 1.1mb)

Rain Screen Design Components include VaproBatten and VaproVent Strip. Combined with VaproShield membranes, these components create a very effective, easy to install rain screen design. They are engineered to quickly move trapped moisture through the building envelope ensuring maximum drying capacity.


VaproBatten is a UV stable, breathable vinyl batten system for rain screen applications. Its unique and innovative design is a direct replacement for pressure treated plywood furring or treated lumber battens reducing trapped moisture damage costs: mold, mildew, rot and/or corrosion.

VaproVent Strip

VaproVent Strips are designed to keep critters out of the batten assembly.

VaproVent L Strips are attached to the top and bottom of VaproBattens.

VaproVent Hook Strips are used with VaproBattens as a starter strip for vinyl and beveled siding applications, in place of the VaproVent L strip at the bottom of the assembly.

WSO BLKattenHookstripRain Screen Design with WRAPSHIELD® and VaproBatten system. The cladding fastener installs through VaproBatten into structural elements.

WS Solidcladding_BlackBatten
WRAPSHIELD® Water Resistive Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Membrane is enhanced with Integrated Tape, easily creating the shingled effect for optimum air and water tight horizontal joinery.


Rain Screen Design Components Overview Printer Friendly Version (PDF, 1.1mb)